Conversations on Conservation: Basic Bugs 101 with Kristie Reddick from the Bug Chicks

Sunday April 28

2:00 PM  –  4:00 PM

Preregistration required to reserve a seat.  Please preregister early as this program for adults is expected to sell out.

Program participants meet in the Auditorium at Rowe Woods Visitor Center

This popular series promotes science with solutions by sharing information about conservation research and initiatives and by connecting like-minded people who want to help make a difference.

Basic Bugs 101 with Kristie Reddick from the Bug Chicks

Why are butterflies, ladybugs and even honey bees so beloved, while their hardworking peers are poisoned, squished and squashed?  That adorable baby bird in the nest by your back door depends on bugs for its very survival—ninety percent of its diet consists of insects, including the ‘creepy’ ones like spiders, beetles, grubs and caterpillars.  Only a tiny percent of insects cause problems for humans; the rest are either benign or helpful.  In their informative and very entertaining way, entomologist Kristie Reddick from the Bug Chicks will help shed light on why and how we can embrace the diversity, uniqueness and intrinsic beauty of the insects which call our yards and gardens their home. 

Following the lecture, Dr. Cory Christopher, Director of the Center for Conservation will moderate an open discussion between the presenter and the audience. Moving beyond the traditional Q&A, audience members will have the opportunity to network with each other about local initiatives relevant to the topic, and share ways that everyone can contribute. 

Free for Cincinnati Nature Center members.  Daily admission fee for nonmembers is included in ticket price. 


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