Preschool 2020-2021 Tuition Deposit 3 Day PM (M/W/F)

Sold Out!

Wednesday September 9

12:30 PM  –  3:30 PM

Please register your child for CNC Preschool 2020-2021.

Registration Deposit of $250 is due now.


Enrollment Deposit

The $250.00 deposit is required at time of application.  Your child is not officially enrolled until this deposit is received by CNC.  The deposit will be applied to your total prior to calculating your remaining payments. If your child enrolls and does not attend the Nature Preschool, the $250 deposit is not refunded.

If a student withdraws for any reason other than a medical problem (verification from a licensed physician required) or relocation, parents are personally liable to pay the full tuition for the balance of the school year.