Basic Watercolor Painting 10/8/2022

Sold Out!

Saturday October 8

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9:00 AM  –  11:00 AM

This program is SOLD OUT. Please contact to be added to the waiting list. We will contact you only if space becomes available.


Preregistration is required. This program is geared towards adults.

Enhance your artistic skills and spark your creativity as Cynthia Kukla, Emerita Professor of Art, provides a quick overview of how to paint with watercolors outdoors. Then enjoy painting in the garden or at Lotus Pond.

About the instructor: Cynthia Kukla, Watercolor Honor Society, Emerita Professor of Art has taught watercolors in the U.S. and abroad, and exhibits her watercolors nationally.

Where to meet: This relaxing class meets in the Pollinator Garden near the Abner Hollow Cabin. Class will be moved inside during inclement weather.   

Registrants are responsible for their own materials. Please bring the following:

  • A mat to sit on (chairs will be provided)
  • 2 bowls and 1 plastic jar with lid for water
  • Pocket sketch book for quick sketches
  • #2 pencils or basic art pencils
  • A good eraser (plastic art eraser)
  • Watercolor set: Prang, Cotman, Winsor Newton or other pan or tube set
  • OR individual colors (If you do not have all these colors, don’t worry. This is a great starter list of colors to use as a guide. If you have more colors than this basic group, bring them along.)
    • Cadmium yellow light or Hansa yellow light
    • Yellow ochre
    • Burnt sienna
    • Cadmium red light
    • Alizarine Crimson
    • Violet or purple
    • Pthalocyanine or Winsor blue
    • Ultramarine blue
    • Hooker’s green
  • Watercolor pad or block: Canson, Strathmore, Aquarelloor other “house” brands. Buy 1 or 2 "postcard" watercolor pads and if advanced, 1 pad or block that is at least 9 inches x 12 inches. Do not buy multipurpose paper, only watercolor paper.
  • Brushes: Buy individual watercolor brushes.  Good brushes aren’t cheap. Don’t buy only small brushes (#1 or #2), you should also have a round #6 or #8 and a #10 or #12.  Also, buy 1-2 large bamboo brushes, about $3 each.
  • Miscellaneous: cloth rags, plastic watercolor palette $1.50-$15.00
  • Supplies are available at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby or online at Dick Blick.

What to expect: Consider parking in the Groesbeck Drive parking slots in view of Abner Hollow Cabin. We’ll be staying in close proximity to Abner Hollow Cabin. Trails to and around the Cabin are level (no steps). The nearest restroom is at the nearby PlayScape Pavilion.

Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission).

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